This is a study of the book of Revelation, the Revelation of Jesus Christ. This book looks at future events through a lens provided by Jesus Christ to the Apostle John. As believers in Jesus Christ, we are currently exiles here on planet earth. This planet is not our true home in its current condition. So, we should not get too comfortable here. But Jesus has promised to come back for us. This book talks about how we should live in the interim, until He does come and remove us from this planet.

The Future

This book also provides us a detailed look at the future of this planet…in advance. Our look at history in advance includes seeing what is going on in the unseen realm as well as concurrent activity taking place here on earth.

We learn there is a dramatic distinction provided between those who are earth dwellers, and those who are not. The future for those who are earth dwellers, those who have rejected Jesus Christ, is bleak to say the least. That becomes very clear in this book.

His People

We will also learn that this book is all about His dealing with His people, the nation of Israel. His return to take over this planet will be just in time. There is a future for His people and for us as believers.

Yes, we will see that a Jew will indeed rule the world and do so from Jerusalem. Join us.

Scripture quotations taken from the NASB. Copyright by The Lockman Foundation

How the World as We Know It Ends

The Book of Revelation

Revelation 1:1-3

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