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TheUnSafeBible,com is a place where people can meet Jesus.  We come together to study the Bible learning more about Him as we grow in Him becoming more like Him.  We believe that one of the ways to do that is to become more Biblically literate, to actually know what the Bible truly says.  If you are local, then come and join us each week in Auditorium B at Calvary Church Jupiter Florida.  If not, then join us on=line either live or when you have the time to listen or watch.  

When and Where We Meet


6:30 pm to around 7:45 pm in Auditorium B  at Calvary Church Jupiter Florida

What To Expect

A typical study will last about 75 minutes.  And when we say 75 minutes, we mean it as that is all we do right now, in depth Bible study.
At present there is no childcare available. We usually have coffee and cookies.  

How To Contact Us

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